The Tramp
you can't connect the dots look-ing forward; you can only connect them looking backwards

something changed in this two months

maybe is my attitude

maybe is my thought

maybe is my friends

maybe is myself


I know what kind of the person I am

I know how to liVe with these guys

I promise to you 

I will not involve in your life.

so just let it go

*go go fight ^___^ *

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  • 容仔
  • I know what kind of the person I am

    又錯了= =

    是I know what kind of person I am吧
  • Skye
  • 毛真的很屌啊!
    直接複製我改的不就好了= =
  • 容仔
  • 哈哈哈
  • Momo
  • 吼!一直被嗆
  • 一一
  • 看來英文也沒進步