The Tramp
you can't connect the dots look-ing forward; you can only connect them looking backwards

Today we had a Halloween party at a unknown place

It's so cool~most of students and teachers dressed up the costumes.

I also invited my partner to the party

I think at the first, she felt bored 

there was no one know who she is

in the party, we were crazy to take pictures with everybody. 

and the end of the party

all the American taught us how to dance with the music

I saw many witches and ghosts

and some funny costumes.

I like this party although there were 80% Taiwanese

but it was a perfect party

thanks Sarah and all the teachers.

It might be my first Halloween party and the last one.

This weekend I and JILL will come home with our partner

How exciting it will be!!

by the way, today my contact lenses was very calm

I love it

*happy Halloween*

the photo will be coming on 11/1~



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