The Tramp
you can't connect the dots look-ing forward; you can only connect them looking backwards

dear sister...

why you can't think twice before acting....

it's not your fault...

but you need to be more careful

you are not child 

please do not let others bilk to you

it's the best thing which can patch up with money

*learn a lesson*



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  • 拜仔
  • 蛤?
  • 七八千吧

    Momo 於 2007/09/29 20:27 回覆

  • 大姐姐
  • 不好意思,我的手下太厲害了=.="
  • = =你好意思說這麼大聲....

    Momo 於 2007/09/29 20:27 回覆